PML (N) Chief Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharifs recent visit to Khangarh, at a time when Sindh-Punjab relations were at the peak of crisis, is meaningful for the future political set up in Sindh. No political leader of Punjab would have chosen the time to visit Sindh and no politician from Sindh would have entertained a politician from Punjab at this juncture of time. But Nawaz Sharif and the powerful tribal chieftain of Sindh came together to meet which indicates that a new political anti-PPP alliance may emerge in near future. Nawaz Sharif was the guest of Sardar Ali Gohar Khan Mehar, his brother Sardar Ali Muhammad Khan Mehar, former Sindh Chief Minister and Sardar Raja Mehar, all prominent powerful politicians in their own right in Sindh. Observers believed that the visit provided a stage for all anti PPP forces in Sindh to come together and had political powwow. This get together in the presence of Nawaz Sharif may provide an opportunity for all forces to create a bloc, which can pose political challenge to the PPP in the future elections. All those heavy weights who are known opponents of PPP in Sindh converged at Khangargh for a social get together. They included Ghous Bux Mehar MNA, Ayaz Ali Shah Shirazi MNA, Chakar Khan Shahani, a close relative of Liaquat Ali Khan Jatoi, former Sindh Chief Minister, Dr. Sohrab Khan Sarki, former Sindh Minister and a powerful chieftains of his tribe, Shafi Muhammad Jamote, Ahmed Khan Kumerio and former district Nazims of Sukkur, Khairpur and Matiari. Notwithstanding, PPP swept the 2008 general elections in the wake of sympathy wave following the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, the aforementioned powerful individuals in Khangarh (Ghotki), Shikarpur, Thatta, Tharparkar, Naushehro Feroz won both national and provincial assembly seats, to prove that they are a force to reckon with. Ghous Bux Mehar from Shikarpur, belonged to strong Mehar tribe won the national assembly seat while his son Sheharyar Khan Mehar bagged Sindh Assembly seat from PML (Q) ticket, Ayaz Ali Shah Shirazi from Thatta, belonged to powerful Shirazi clan captured national assembly seat. The other political heavyweight, who won both national and provincial assembly seats against PPP, included Ghulam Murtaza Jatoi belonged to Jatoi tribe won national assembly seats from NPP platform, his two younger brothers Arif Jatoi and Masroor Jatoi bagged provincial assembly seats. Though their cousin Abid Jatoi is a minister in Sindh cabinet, won Sindh assembly seat from Shikarpur, but the Jatoi brothers from Naushehro Feroz are part of opposition. Similarly, in Tharparkar, the known anti PPP Arbab group won two seats both national and provincial assembly, proving that there are other forces as strong as PPP in the area. The observers who are closely monitoring day to day political changes attached importance to the visit of Nawaz Sharif to Sindh which came at a time when the PPP government is facing number of daunting challenges. They are of the view that PPP has failed to grasp the opportunity it got after 2008 elections due to indifferent attitude of its leadership in Sindh, which instead of wooing the people, indulged in their personal gains, paving ways to their opponents to converge at one platform. Though the PML (Q) leadership visited Sindh many times but they failed to rally round the anti PPP political heavy weights, which Mian Nawaz Sharif did in just one visit. According to reports in the media Nawaz Sharif was not shy of discussing or debating any issues or listening to the views of the political stalwarts. He knew that he can only win over the hearts and the minds of like-minded politicians of Sindh if he listens to them more than lecturing them.