LAHORE - Punjab Governor Salman Taseer has said he will celebrate Basant at any cost after the Kite Flying Association announced a fresh date of March 6 and 7 for the festival in the City. On the other hand, Punjab Government, pursuing the Lahore High Court order, is determined to implement the ban in letter and spirit and vowed to take stern action against kite-flyers to protect lives of the innocent citizens from dangerous material being used in this sport. The Punjab Governor while talking to media here Saturday, vowed to celebrate Basant at all costs recalling that being a Loharite he had previously been celebrating the cultural event and this time too he would not lag behind. He said that he was astonished that thousands of children and youth were being arrested for celebrating Basant while those doing the illegal business of credit cards and illegal building construction were going scot-free. The attackers of Sheikh Rashid, he said, were still at large and government was stuck up at Basant. He said, defying every restriction, he would celebrate Basant no matter if he were arrested. To a question, he said President Zardari had shown open mindedness on the judges appointment issue and now it is up to the judiciary to fully focus on providing justice to the people. He said the judiciary should concentrate on over 100,000 cases and not interfere in the matters of other institutions. To a question he grieved that Punjab government had stopped nazimeen from working for two years.