ISLAMABAD CDA initiatives to meet the challenge of water scarcity as announced by Chairman Imtiaz Inayat Elahi a few days back are yet to kick off. Though the recent rain spell has thwarted, to some extent, the imminent water scarcity in the Federal Capital, yet it is pertinent to mention that the solution to looming water scarcity lies in taking right steps in the right direction but the CDA is still from moving in that direction. Under the 'Water Conservation and Draught Contingency Plan the Chairman on February 2, had said the Authority would take sufficient steps including, identification of water leakage, repair of tankers, tube wells and float valves, taps in the government apartments etc. But all such tall claims on part of CDA are still in documents and the Authority seems helpless deliberately or unintentionally, to take any step on the ground to address the serious water issue in the Capital. Owing to acute water shortage, the authority was to start work on war footings, but its efficiency in this regard can be witnessed from the fact that an official in Tube Well division while talking to the Nation said that not even a single penny has been spent by the authority on account of tube wells maintenance. He further said that the repair of tube wells could be initiated on a single quotation on emergency basis, I started the work for filing the required finance in this regard, but the Director Water Supply stopped me from doing that useless exercise. He said though approximately Rs26 million would be spent on almost 28 out-of-order tube wells, yet following the directions of Director Water Supply he forwarded a summary of Rs6 million for some basic repair work one month ago, however, the finance directorate did not bother to reply back regarding the status of that summary. It was also part of the plan to make functional all out-of-order water supply tankers immediately to address the increasing complaints, but no progress was made. Still 15 water supply tankers are yet to repair, he added. According to that plan to stop the wastage of water the service stations would work only on week-end but still the implementation on the said idea is a far cry. Under that plan, the authority has to take some technical measures according to which priority was being given on the identification of leakage and repair of main lanes. But according to an official repair of damaged water lines was a serious problem involving money and the cash-strapped CDA could not bear those expenses. While, the repair of float valves and leaking taps in government apartments is part of repair and maintenance of the government employees accommodations for which already the Chairman had sought the help of the federal government owing to non-availability of funds, he added. CDA so far in a bid to bring much needed respite to the citizens, it is doing noting except rationing of water. Although the recent rains in the federal capital and snowfall on mountains have added to the reservoirs but just by taking all those steps the Authority could enhance per day supply of water to the citizens. Though all the above-mentioned steps would take time but the authority should at least initiate what it had vowed.