LAHORE Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Munawar Hasan has demanded of the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo moto action of the incident of bombing on former MNA Haroonur Rasheeds residence for bringing the culprit to book. He made this demand while addressing a media conference along with Haroonur Rasheed at Mansoora on Saturday. JI leaders Liaquat Baloch, Sirajul Haq and Senator Prof Muhammad Ibrahim were also present on this occasion. The JI Ameer asked the government to take the nation into confidence about the real objectives of joint military operation in Fata led by Pak Army and US commandoes, which had now started targeting those patriotic leaders, who had been opposed to this operation. He also demanded that the officer of Pak Army who commanded that operation be court martialled and such targeting be desisted in future. He warned if the operation continued and patriotic people were targeted then the JI would launch countrywide protests against it. He strongly condemned the lifting of visa curbs on US officials entering into Pakistan, warning that it would further increase the operation by Blackwater and other mercenaries in the country. He deplored that the government and army allowed Washington to blackmail them into lifting visa restrictions for US officials by threatening to suspend aid. He demanded implementation on visa regulations as required by the Constitution and other laws of the land. Munawar wondered why no action was taken against the Blackwater and other US private assassins roaming about in cities with sophisticated weapons and ammunition, and were released despite being caught with arms and ammunition. He said that Pakistan should not be turned into a satellite state of the US and notice should be taken regarding the US-India nexus. He said that Pak-India talks could not be made fruitful without taking Kashmir and water issue on the agenda items of the dialogue. Haroonur Rasheed told the newsmen that US commandoes and Pakistan army personnel surrounded his village on Feb 15 and conducted a search operation after calling all the inmates including women and children into open areas. Later, he added, the FC spokesman had admitted that not a single bullet had been found from the village. He further said that after search operation army men told villagers that they had planted explosives in my house, which would be later detonated. The villagers warned them to delay the detonation since women and children had already returned to their homes, he said, adding that explosives were detonated before any warning could be given to people in his house. He demanded an immediate high-level judicial inquiry into the entire Fata military operation and disclosing the actual losses occurred during the last seven years. He said so far over 10,000 people killed, 25,000 wounded and 5000 houses were destroyed during the military operation. He said that about 3000 people were killed only in Bajaur Agency.