DUBAI (AFP) - Dubais police chief said in a report on Saturday that his force has evidence incriminating the Mossad in the killing of a Hamas commander in the Gulf emirate last month, despite Israeli denials. Among the new evidence available to Dubai police which incriminates the Israeli secret service, the Mossad, and confirms its involvement in the murder ... are telephone communications between the culprits who have been detected, Dhahi Khalfan said in the newspaper Al-Bayan. Mahmud al-Mabhuh, one of the founders of Hamas military wing, was found dead in his luxurious Dubai hotel room on January 20. Dubai police also have reliable information that some perpetrators bought their tickets in other countries using credit cards bearing the same identity revealed previously by the emirate, he added. Therefore, the perpetrators used the same passport in several countries, Khalfan said, reiterating that 'the Mossad is 99-per cent involved in the assassination of Mabhuh. Neither in the case of the telephone calls nor of the credit cards did Khalfan say how the link to Mossad was drawn. On Thursday, Interpol issued arrest notices for 11 suspects - six listed with British passports, three Irish, one French and one German - wanted by Dubai for Mabhuhs murder. Sophisticated surveillance systems installed by Dubai in a bid to protect its status as a Gulf business and leisure hub have enabled it to piece together an apparent hit by one of the worlds most notorious spy outfits. Less than a month after top Hamas commander Mahmud al-Mabhuh was found dead in a hotel room in the emirate, police have issued photographs of 11 suspects that it has circulated arrest warrants for through Interpol. Dubai police chief Lt-Gen Dahi Khalfan has said he is 99 per cent sure Israels Mossad intelligence agency was behind the killing and has said that, if so, its chief Meir Dagan should face prosecution. In a humiliation for the storied spy agency he described the killers as stupid because their moves were traced second by second by security cameras. Analysts said the investigation was a major coup for the security-obsessed emirate. The attention given to the maintenance of law and order in Dubai can border on paranoia but its a positive paranoia, said the director of the Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis, Riad Kahwaji. Surveillance cameras are everywhere and the emirates security services also employ a huge number of informants. With 203 nationalities represented, just imagine the number of interpreters they have to use, said Kahwaji. Security analyst Ibrahim Khayat said the pace of the investigation had shown that the Dubai police were one of the best forces in the world. Better, the surveillance capabilities of the emirate were used as an instrument of protection not as a means of intruding on personal freedoms, he said. The Mossad failed to take account of the capabilities and technical expertise of the Dubai police, he said, adding that the agency had blundered by using fake passports, triggering a crisis with European governments. The Mossad probably wont be able to use most of the commandos ever again because their photographs and fingerprints were on the passports. The Dubai police have recorded a number of high profile successes in the past. In 2008, after Lebanese starlet Suzanne Tamim was found stabbed in her flat, they secured the conviction of Egyptian businessman Talaat Mustapha and an accomplice by following a credit card trail. Both are now on death row. And surveillance cameras led to the arrest of two suspects - an Iranian and a Tajik - who are currently in custody awaiting trial for the March 2009 murder of former Chechen leader Sulim Yamadayev. Meanwhile, Israel on Friday shrugged off calls for its top spy to be arrested in the killing of a Hamas commander. The Dubai police have provided no incriminating proof, a senior official told AFP, asking not to be identified. The Dubai police chief said on Thursday he wants Mossad chief Meir Dagan to be arrested if the agency is behind last months killing of Mahmud al-Mabhuh, a top commander of the Hamas movement that rules Gaza. 'Separatists kill police chief, soldier in south Yemen.