KARACHI - The Executive Committee of the Sindh National Front (SNF) held a meting at the residence of chairman, Mumtaz Ali Bhutto on Saturday. The Committee meeting was chaired by Mumtaz Ali Bhutto. The committee has reviewed the two-year performance of PPP led government and lashed out its performance. The committee also mulled the failure of the government for resolving the public issues including lack of leadership and competence. The government is now hard pressed to maintain itself in power and has no time to deal with the escalating problems of the people. The present government has come into power in the shadow of the American sponsored unconstitutional NRO; therefore it lacks legitimacy and validity. The committee deplored the Sindh government lacks of ability in dealing with the problems of the people, lawlessness, corruption, high prices, unemployment and lack of all other basic requisites of the people, is far more glaring in Sindh than other provinces. The Supreme Court must take suo moto notice and order fresh election under is own supervision to usher in a genuine government of the people. The raging civil war in the country may be in the interest of Americans but has caused irreparable harm to the country. Apart from heavy loss of life and financial burden the country has come of disintegration. The north-west can not be controlled without troop deployment while the rest of the country is outside the writ of the federal government. The only venue of redemption is the adoption of a confederal system which the SNF has been propagating for the last twenty five years let us hope it is not too late. The people have been seriously let down in the distribution of water and protection of the income of the province. Sindhs water has been continuously diverted for the last thirty six years from the Tunsa-Pajnad link. Lately the Thal Canal has also come into being which the PPP opposed but has become silent on coming into power. Similarly in the latest NFC Award Sindh has received only 24.5 percent which is less than it received in 1997 although Sindh contribution more than 75 percent to the devisable pool. The Sindh government has done nothing to protect the interest of the province although the people spend more than Rs150 billions a year on it. It was decided to continue the Sindhi Jago Bachao Movement with greater vigour and maintain direct contact with the people, particularly when most of the Sindh media, in order to protect and please the government, prevents the message of the front form reaching the masses. The district presidents of the party were also directed to continue the movement in village and towns of the districts. The Sindh National Students Front was also directed to complete preparations for a convention in the middle of March, during which the four year elections of office holders will be held. Allah Warayo Somrnro, Nawabzada Ameer Buksh Bhutto, Engineer Ayyob Shar, Anwar Gujjar, Syed Hasan Mehmood Shah Amroti, Razzaq Bajwha, Khadim Annr, Raees Hamid Bhar Gari, Parail Bhughiyo, Shamsheer Kehakshan Bhar Gari, Muqeem Kumhar, Doctor Roshan Pehchoo, Faqeer Inayyat Hissani, Shair Mohammad Khoso, Syed Asif Ali Shah, Doctor Nazar Bhagat, Meer Malok Talpur, Shehzado Bhutto, Begum Afroz Shoro, KB Kubbar and other members were attended the meeting.