DAMASCUS (AFP/Reuters) - Syria is determined to help its ally Iran and the West engage in a constructive dialogue over Tehrans contested nuclear programme, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said on Saturday. Sanctions are not a solution (to the problem) between Iran and the West, Muallem said during a joint Press conference with visiting Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger. We are trying to engage a constructive dialogue between the two parties in order to reach a peaceful solution, Muallem said. He also insisted that despite Western claims, Iran does not have a nuclear military programme. He dismissed an International Atomic Energy Agency recommendation to allow its inspectors unrestrained access, days after the agency said a bombed Syrian complex could have been a nuclear site. We are committed to the non-proliferation agreement between the agency and Syria and we (only) allow inspectors to come according to this agreement, he said. We will not allow anything beyond the agreement because Syria does not have a military nuclear programme. Syria is not obliged to open its other sites to inspectors, he said. Elsewhere Muallem said that a warming up of Syrian-US diplomatic ties is extremely important to set up a launchpad which could one day help the resumption of direct negotiations between Syria and Israel. Addressing a news conference in Damascus alongside his Syrian counterpart Naji Al-Otari, French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said world powers would have to take new action against Iran in the next few weeks if Tehran continues to reject Western proposals on its disputed nuclear programme. Fillon said he was worried by a new report by the IAEA this week which said Iran may be working to develop a nuclear-armed missile. We have read the new report (on Iran) by the IAEA ... and it is very worrying, Fillon said. Syria, an ally of Iran, said Tehran was developing nuclear energy towards peaceful ends. Nothing justifies the fear over this issue, said Al-Otari. We think that its a right ... of all peoples to have nuclear energy for civil purposes, he said, but added that Israeli nuclear arms were a threat to world peace. We still hope that the international community ... will apply the same criteria to everyone, he said. French Premier Fillon also asked Damascus for assistance in preventing Iran making decisions which were dangerous to world peace. He condemned the assassination of a key Hamas figure in Dubai and called for the truth about the killing to be established. Dubais police chief has said he believes Mossad, the notorious Israeli secret service, was involved in last months killing. I do not know all the details of this issue in Dubai. I hope that light will be shone on those responsible in this assassination, Fillon said during a visit to Syria.