The role of superior judiciary has been appreciated by the whole country. However, there is one place where we need attention of the honourable judges. Previous government did a good job by instituting the Islamabad High court to deal with a whole lot of pending cases and the judges at the Islamabad establishment were doing a good job. The abolition of the Islamabad court, though, has created anxiety among thousands of petitioners whose cases were pending with it. These cases are now in a limbo and there seems no chance of their being heard in the foreseeable future. The cases with other courts have a back log of millions, some pending for decades. The lucky few that had a chance of coming within the ambit of the Islamabad High court have not been moved to any other courts I request the Chief Justice to either move these cases to other courts or ask government to re-establish the Islamabad High Court. -ASIF PATHAN, Quetta, February 20