RAWALPINDI Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Association (PESA) has expressed deep concern over the formal and informal presence of armed Americans in Pakistan and demanded of the Government to probe this issue. The members of PESA expressed these concerns in a meeting held here on Saturday in the chair of Admiral (Retd) Fasih Bokhari. Participants of the meeting reviewed the security situation in Pakistan. Notwithstanding Government denials, the members showed concern over the expanding role and visible presence of armed Americans, especially in remote areas of the country. We demand of the Government of Pakistan to take notice of this development and conduct an incisive investigation. We also demand of the parliamentary committees to take notice of it and conduct probe, they maintained. The meeting lauded the role, services and sacrifices of the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies in successfully combating and reducing the menace of militancy and terrorism in Pakistan. The members were appalled at the presence of certain media anchorpersons in the US Embassy. Participants of the meeting took a serious notice of attempts to politicise judiciary and administration including bureaucracy, police and military. They were alarmed at the blocking of water by India through dams and reservoirs that was adversely affecting agriculture and inter-provincial harmony of Pakistan. A committee was also formed in the meeting to carry out a detailed study and analysis of subversive activities against Pakistan conducted by internal and external forces.