One tends to lose count of the people who have lost their lives in the horrors of the CIA-sponsored US unmanned drone attacks. It is no secret now that the majority of people dying in these attacks are innocent. The dying include women, children and tribesmen loyal to our land. But attacks continue unabated and now the US has even declared an intention to ratchet them up by a massive percentage since these are helping the Americans get 'results'. Pakistan's stance on the subject is very weak and lenient. Lately, our government high-ups have been seen all smiles while welcoming the Americans at home, often declaring to the press about complete agreement between the two sides on 'agenda'. The little pretense of demanding a halt to the drone attacks or releasing the kidnapped, imprisoned and unjustified Dr Aafia Siddiqui has also stopped altogether. The people of Pakistan must push the government on these issues and stand up to the American war on terror before it is too late. -RAQIM HAQUE, Karachi, February 20