KHARTOUM (AFP) - Sudanese President Omar al-Beshir quashed death sentences against some 100 Darfur rebels from the Justice and Equality Movement Saturday after a framework peace deal was signed in neighbouring Chad. I cancel all the sentences of hanging pronounced against members of the Justice and Equality Movement, Beshir said in a campaign speech to members of womens associations. And tomorrow we will release 30 percent of the prisoners, he said. His promise came after his government signed a framework agreement with the JEM, the most active rebel group in the war-torn western region. A Sudanese court condemned 105 members of the JEM to death after the group launched an unprecedented assault in May 2008 that reached the capitals twin city of Omdurman, just across the Nile from the presidential palace. Sudanese security forces repulsed the attack but 220 people were killed.