The 'meeting at the highest level' did some good at last and we survived a big crisis. The time we lost, the financial and economic repercussions that this crisis had, the mental agony and stress, all would be forgotten if we are assured that the system will now start working and the country steered out somehow from the maze of economic and political crises we have been having for the last few years. We have seen enough drama for a decade now. It is time for the judiciary to also remember that the common man is stuck in a whirlpool of problems, and he is just as frustrated about being degraded in their courts as he is in the echelons of power of the executive. It is time something is done to restore people's confidence in the country itself. If market forces are controlled, half of the worries of our poor man would be over and once the courts start delivering fast justice, the remaining half of the problems will be solved themselves. The government can do much by empowering and training the officials who can carry out their duties with honesty and loyalty. If people can be given some taste of the 'luxuries' of education, health etc, it will be great. But if not, the bare minimum at least has to be provided. Without bread and justice, it is hard to survive. -DR ABID RAUF ORAKZAI, Islamabad, February 19