Mere denunciation for the Quetta bomb blast by all political segments of society, in which eighty people have been killed, is not sufficient. It has become a custom or an official state practice in Pakistan to give a condemnation message as a fulfillment of responsibility. Similarly the silence of the government for two persons that were thrashed on Thursday night in Islamabad by a car belonging to US embassy is not required, people want serious actions. Additionally we must not undermine the Bara massacre as well.

Pakistan is in a state of turmoil for more than a decade, therefore we need to think that Governor Raj in Balochistan was no solution, neither a new demand for military takeover is! As proved in the case of Swat military operation, we must think analytically about the reasons for this kind of chaos in Pakistan.

Such chaos has never before been seen or heard before the American War. American political and military presence in the region is the biggest threat to Pakistan’s stability, as has been proved several times by the accelerated bloodshed in the country. Since American presence has encouraged Indian supremacy in the region, we have seen a marked increase in violence in Pakistan, which is aimed at weakening Pakistan through internal chaos and engagements within and on the LoC. It seems as if the government is in a hurry to finish their assigned time in the ruling seats and give no more thought to the policies or the turmoil that has infested the nation.


Lahore, February 17.