Pakistan gained its independence in 1947 to ensure security for Muslims in a separate homeland. After 65 years Pakistan has become the most dangerous, insecure country for Muslims in the world. Hindus and Sikhs are not killing Muslims in Pakistan, but Muslims are murdering Muslims, particularly the Shias Hazara community is being slaughtered. On January 10, 2013 double suicide bombing on Alamdar Road in Quetta killed 100 innocent people most of them Hazaras then on February 16, 2013 again Hazara Shia community was targeted and 87 people died, including women and children and over 150 injured when a remote controlled bomb went off in Hazara Town, which is a Shia dominated locality situated on the outskirts of Quetta, about 800 kilograms of explosives packed inside a water tanker exploded near a market place which was thronging with men, women and children, number of buildings collapsed which caused more causality.

It all happened in less than five weeks. In which the Hazara community lost close to 200 of their people. The Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LEJ) claimed responsibility for the attacks as they have for many dozens of previous attacks against Shias; this outfit is on a mission to eradicate Shia community and yet the state is unwilling to take any action. The LEJ operates freely throughout the country and its leaders address rallies without any worry.

The Shia Community wants to know why the state is reluctant to tackle extremists. Why the intelligence and security agencies have not made any arrest after the Alamdar Road attack of January 10, 2013? Why the leader of LEJ is still out there as a freeman? Why has he not been hauled up when his organization openly claims responsibility for these atrocities? Is the LEJ more powerful than the state security establishment? Is not the prime collective responsibility of the state organs, institutions to protect the basic right of their citizens? Should Shia community seek international help to save their lives and live in peace in their own country?


Lahore, February 18.