Most of Pakistan are in a shock at the loss of life in Quetta on Saturday wherein more than 185 innocent men, women and children lost their lives while countless were injured. Balochistan governor, who is now leading the province under ‘governor rule’, was shocked at the carnage, he was unable to utter a single word of truth on what was going on in Balochistan. He blamed the intelligence agencies for the mayhem and called them either clueless about the terrorists or too scared to go after them.

I wish the governor could have spoken some truth, that there is a strong possibility that some of the members of the security forces are hand in gloves with the terrorists, taking sides on ideological grounds. This has been proved time and again in other terrorists’ attacks such as attack on Naval Base in Karachi or Air Base in Kamra. Pakistan lost specialized airplanes (AWACS and Orion-P) worth millions of dollars. Attacks on these bases were supported and guided by insiders. Perhaps it’s time for purging the security forces of ideological cadres; otherwise we have been pushed in a war wherein we are fighting ourselves and remain clueless as to who our enemy is.


Saudi Arab, February 17.