With the rise (and fall) of Imran Khan’s PTI in the last two years, people of Pakistan have noticed how badly Imran criticizes Mian Nawaz Sharif and his party. So much so that it is a common observation that Khan is least bothered about what is going on in the other provinces. He has spent a lot of energy in proving Punjab government wrong at every step. To his supporter’s dismay, Punjab government scored much better, not only in the eyes of the people it was serving, but also many foreign institutes and governments have acknowledged the same. There is always a chance for improvement, but there is no denying this fact that Punjab government in Pakistan (2008-2013) has performed a much better role than any other PPP led provincial government or the federal government.

Let’s have a look at how Imran’s stubbornness has backfired. Initially people, especially the youth of Pakistan, were swept by the idea of an honest World Cup Cricket winning captain, who could bring prosperity back to their beloved country. Imran Khan lost this trust. He has criticised only Punjab government. If CM Punjab inaugurates an internship program, he is against it. When the CM launches Green Tractor scheme for the benefit of farmers from southern districts of Punjab, Imran is against it. When the CM starts working on the Metro Bus Rapid transit system for Lahore, Imran is against it.

Since joining politics, it looks like Imran has lost his decision taking powers. When any political situation unfolds, Imran Khan is always found on the wrong side of history. Ironic! For the man considers himself a smart politician. It appears that others don’t agree with him and have left him. I will conclude this with one final thought. People under perform when they over estimate themselves. This is what has happened to Imran Khan. He made so many promises and now it remains to be seen whether he lives up to people’s expectations.


Lahore, February 16.