After 9/11 the US Deputy Secretary of State, Richard Armitage, called President Pervez Musharraf and threatened that if Pakistan refused to join the ‘War On Terror’ against Al Qaida, the Americans would put Pakistan back into the Stone Age. The diplomat was ill-informed, as Pakistan is already in that timeframe. A week ago a couple was stoned to death, in full view of the entire village of Loralai, Baluchistan who were believed to have an illicit relationship.

The village cleric had given a ‘Fatwa’ which is a serious legal dictate, generally given by a learned Islamic scholar when people are confused about any issue regarding Islam. There was no one to ask him about why he had proclaimed that they should be stoned, when Islam clearly asks for a lot of evidence before some is punished for such a crime. Which Islam is being promoted in these villages, where there is no education. Our sleeping landlords and political figures could care less about these uneducated people and the lives that they destroy. When if ever, will we be able to get out of the stone age and is anyone interested?


Peshawar, February 18.