LAHORE - The Civil Service of Pakistan Rules 2014 is a landmark SRO in the sense that it carries something for everyone. The very first thing is the formalisation of change of nomenclature from DMG to PAS. Another aspect of the new rules was that the President has been bound to act on the advice of FPSC only.

All the posts in the Federal Secretariat have been allotted to various groups like PAS, SC and others and the allocation for PAS is DS 25 per cent, JS 35 per cent, AS 65 per cent and Federal Secretary 65 per cent.  The remaining posts have been allocated to SG and others on the basis of 33 per cent-66 per cent distribution.  For instance, of all the posts of DS 25 per cent go to the PAS and out of remaining 75 per cent posts, one third would go to SG and remaining two third would be distributed to other groups. The above arrangement has two distinct advantages; firstly it is the pathway to speedy promotion for all groups because their vacancy position would now be determined by including vacancies of the Federal Secretariat in addition to their departmental positions. Secondly, the defacto situation of posting of other groups against secretariat vacancies would now have legal backing of these rules. This arrangement would also address all legal questions and anomalies raised before SC on the appointment of officers in the Federal Secretariat. As for promotion to the BS 20 and BS 21, 65 per cent of the vacancies have been reserved fro SG and others and 100 per cent of vacancies of Sr Joint Secretaries have been reserved for SG and others on the same 33-66 per cent basis. Another glaring aspect of these rules is the induction of PMS officers into PAS. The SRO would likely to put to rest all litigation between the litigants.  The PMS lobby had asked for revival of induction of PCS officers as per the 1954 cadre rules. In the original version 1954 Cadre Rules only such induction was 20 per cent vacancies. The present SRO is; however; a step further to that it provides 30 per cent induction for PCS officers in BS-19 and that too through an open competitive process under FPSC.