KABUL : A bomber killed a guard in a suicide attack after a failed attempt to target a guest house used by foreigners in the Afghan capital Kabul on Thursday, police said. The attacker on foot was prevented from entering the guest house, leading him to target a cultural centre next door, said police spokesman Hashmat Stanakzai. “The attacker was stopped by a guard at the entrance (of the cultural centre), but he set off his explosives, killing the guard and wounding four civilians,” he told AFP. Body parts of the bomber could be seen at the scene of the attack as police cordoned off the area, witnesses said.

No one has claimed responsibility but in the past such strikes have been claimed by the Taliban.

The attack is the latest in a series in the city.

Last week two civilian contractors working for the NATO force in Afghanistan were killed in a car bomb attack claimed by the Taliban in the capital.

An attack on a Lebanese restaurant on January 17th killed 21 people including 13 foreigners.