KARACHI  - Public dispensaries working under Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC), are facing operational issues due to lack of medical facilities and shortage of staff.  

As many as 105 dispensaries located in different parts of the city are in grip of mismanagement; despite accommodating more than 2500 births in health care units.

Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Karachi General Secretary Dr Qazi Wasiq said that city dispensaries hold a special space in provision of basic health care and health awareness to citizens.

Due to dimming of Basic Health Care Units in rural areas, the load of outdoor patients has augmented at Civil Hospital, JPMC, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital etc.   He said, “These dispensaries should be able to diagnose majority of common household illnesses, without resorting to help from any advanced facility. It ought to be capable of catering maternity care of the dependent population. These health facilities must be able to accomplish suggested vaccination program, while it should also be proficient to offer necessary health education to the needy population of the area.”

Dr Wasiq was of the view that in the country several years ago a massive system of primary health care facilities was setup to the remotest areas of our inhabited lands. Unluckily this system lost its efficacy due to multiple reasons; he said and added that these dispensaries have lost their efficacy too like such basic units.

 Dr Wasiq said that despite all weaknesses dispensaries in some areas some are working remarkably. He said that usually the performance of such basic health units depend on the capability of a doctor, who plays pivotal role to run the facility.