Pakistan is proud to have many famous record holders from Imran Khan in cricket, Jahangir Khan in squash and 24 world records made during Punjab Youth Festival last year. The youth is keen to establish their name in world records through sheer effort. Last year Bangladesh made a world record by participating a total number of 27,117 volunteers, mostly students, who used coloured tiles to form the flag at Dhaka’s National Parade Ground making a large human flag. Pakistan has successfully broken the world record by forming a human flag comprising as many as 29,040 youngsters at National Hockey Stadium in Lahore on Saturday and confirmed by Guinness World Records representatives.

Despite heavy rain the students stood firmly to bring pride to their nation. Although some people might think that it is no big deal to set such records but if we look at the larger picture such events are source of diverting people from all the negative activities around them. Punjab Youth Festival is while also aiming to beat India by singing the National Anthem with colossal number of students at Punjab University.

Bringing a positive image of Pakistan on international level is a great step to show the world what the Pakistani youth are capable of. I would encourage more participation and request the Government of Punjab to arrange such activities more frequently.


Hunza, February 19.