Islamabad - An emergent meeting of office-bearers of the Central Academic Staff Association of Model Colleges (CASA) and the staff of junior sections of model colleges held at the Islamabad Model College for Girls F-10/2 Friday to discuss various issues of the lady teachers.  

Around 45 lady teachers, including headmistresses representing 14 model colleges participated in the meeting.

Speaking on the occasion, Farzana Akram, Secretary General, Central Academic Staff Association of Model Colleges (CASA) said, “The lady teachers of junior sections of Model Colleges are playing their effective role in imparting education but unfortunately in term of promotion they are the worst sufferers as there is no promotion formula for them.  The teachers who are postgraduate and many of them are M.Phil and Ph.D join in BPS-16 and retire in the same grade after spending over 30 years. They are being deprived of their rights. The situation makes them frustrate and ultimately affects their performance.”

She stressed, “It is, therefore, need of the time to revisit the service structure of the lady teachers to make this job fascinating and more it lucrative so that the teachers may exert with the best of their abilities.”

Professor Mehboob Ahmed, Senior Vice President, CASA said, “In recognition of the services of school teachers, the provincial governments are already practicing the promotion formula for teachers and made this noble profession reasonably lucrative. FDE should realise it and it should follow the steps of provincial governments.”

Gulnaz Rahi, Vice President CASA, said, “The dream of quality education for every child will remain a dream until the role of teachers is not acknowledged. It is a fact acknowledged all over the world that only a teacher who is free from the worries of bread and butter can effectively play his part, can deliver in the class room and ultimately makes a society run on the right lines. So their issues must be resolved.”

President CASA Rashid Khan demanded of the government to launch a formal service structure for the lady teachers of junior section so that the grievances of the teachers may be addressed and young graduates with excellent academic record may prefer the teaching profession over other lucrative professions. This will definitely play a vital role in the promotion of education which is a matter of survival for the nation.

The discussions followed on time scale issues, creation of new post of lady teachers, issuance of revised seniority lists of teachers of junior sections, cooperation with administration, and future plan.

Principal of the college Nighat Babr praised the efforts of CASA for the welfare of the teachers. She assured her cooperation with the CASA in future.