Lahore - The LCCI Standing Committee for Pak-India Trade Promotions member Javed Malik has urged the ministry of commerce to allow import of air pistols and air pellets in the upcoming trade policy.

Though the government has allowed the import of air arms but the exact wording of ‘air pistols and air pellets’ could not be included in the SRO list which creates confusion, he pointed out. The ministry should remove confusion by clearly allowing the import of pistols and pellets, he said. He added that due to restriction on commercial import of air pellets smuggling of these goods are no the rise, causing financial loss to national exchequer. Moreover, locally-made air pellets are substandard which also damage the high standard air guns. Javed Malik of Broda Sports also asked the government to remove additional regulatory duty of 20 per cent on import of air guns which are just supporting weapons. He lamented that there is no regulatory duty on fire arm but the simple weapon which even needs not any license is facing high duties. Its is to be noted that the air guns and air pistols are used in air shooting competition of Olympic Sports as well as in several other sports competitions.