Lahore- Lahore Stock Exchange CEO and Managing Director Aftab Ahmed Ch has observed that since 2006, with decline in stock market activities, LSE’s market share has been shifting to other exchanges partially, mainly due to low liquidity and insignificant trading volume and subsequent flight of investors from the exchange.

He was addressing the launching ceremony of Algo Trading Software organized by the management of Lahore Stock Exchange, aimed at bringing back liquidity at LSE’s Order Book.

He further explained that Algo aims to not only improve liquidity at the Exchange, but also benefit brokers who engage in the practice of arbitrage. Algo Trading is Software which will find arbitrage opportunities automatically on the basis of pre-defined parameters to be entered in the system by the brokers themselves. Responding to a question on the practical usage and advantage of Algo, Aftab said that Algo will take advantage of the price difference between the two exchanges based on the spread defined by the broker himself. Lastly, he also indicated that another project which is being rolled-out at LSE will be inaugurated on Monday. Aftab also quoted that with improvement of liquidity due to recent development will attract institutional investors at the LSE and it is hoped that trading activities at LSE would increase significantly. The participants much appreciated the efforts of LSE for the development of the capital market.