LAHORE  - A conference titled LUMUN XI was held in the memory of Peshawar attack victims here the other day. Motto of the moot was ‘Retracing the Past, Retracing the Future’.

The moot was declared open in the presence of Justice Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday, Pro Vice Chancellor LUMS Syed Babar Ali, Vice Chancellor LUMS Dr Sohail Naqvi and Ambassador Iqbal Ahmed.  

The ceremony commenced with a moment of silence for the Peshawar attack victims which was followed by words of wisdom from the chief guests. Iqbal Ahmed expressed his condolences for the victims of the attack.  

LUMUN President Abeer Mustafa welcomed the delegates followed by LUMUN Secretary General Naina Raisinghani declaring the conference open. The day ended with a musical evening which was a tribute to the Peshawar victims.

The conference concluded with a special plenary session of the United Nations General Assembly in which delegates discussed and deliberated upon the reasons behind the Peshawar attack and measures that Pakistan may possibly adopt to curb the impeding threat of terrorism.