Civil Hospital of Badin the biggest hospital that is providing health facilities to a large number of people, including nearby District Tharparkar and its daily Outdoor Patient (OPD) has almost 700 patients per day. Many emergency patients are referred to Hyderabad Civil Hospital due to acute shortage of doctors in specialised medicine. The middle class patients and the rich go to private clinics for treatment, while the poor patients get treated at this hospital and after getting prescription, they have to purchase medicine from a private store, because they don’t provide free medicine.

As there are a limited number of surgeons and other specialist the hospital cannot treat emergency cases of surgery, resulting in many deaths, before the patient can reach Hyderabad Civil Hospital which is at quiet a distance. The miss-administration is clear, from the new building of Civil Hospital Badin, where million were spent is still vacant, as no staff has yet been shifted to the new building. I would like to request Director Health Department to kindly arrange doctors for all diseases as this hospital lacks many specialised doctors, which can save many lives.


Badin, February 13.