Islamabad - Stray dogs roaming in different parts of I-10 residential sector have become a serious threat to the lives of residents as no campaign has been launched by the concerned departments to purge the area from this menace.

Small packs of stray dogs roam in streets, parks and markets from morning to night causing serious problems to pedestrians. Bilal Khalid, a resident of I-10 sector who goes mosque for offering prayers complained that these dogs some time chase people.  He said it has become very difficult for citizens to move freely.

 Ejaz-ul-Haq, another resident of this sector informed that the parks located in the area are usually packed with dogs especially in the morning time.

He pointed out that concerned authorities in Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA) and Health Department,ICT have not launched any campaign to exterminate stray dogs as a result their number is rising continuously.

Muhammad Iqbal who daily takes his children to the parks in I-10/2 sector also complained about the threat of stray dogs. The people held lack of planning by the concerned department responsible for increasing numbers of stray dogs. Expressing concern over the situation, they also called for ensuring availability of required vaccines to treat the dog-bite victims at all public sector hospitals. When contacted, a concerned official informed that regular campaigns are launched to kill stray dogs every year.