KARACHI - Militants torched a 22-year-old student reportedly to send message to the army fighting off militancy in the tribal belt.

Engulfed in fire, Haris Javed was chauffeured out of a high-roof van near his home in Mehmoodabad late Thursday, said eyewitness.

Residents put out the fire and took him to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre from where he was brought to Burns Ward of the Karachi Civil Hospital. His condition is stated to be out of danger.

A note reported to have been thrown out from the same vehicle reads: “Other students will be treated in a similarly way, if the military does not stop its operation.”

However, the student told police at hospital that some miscreants took him to unknown place in a double-cabin vehicle near the varsity to get ‘one of their jobs done’.

“I was kept in a small room at an undisclosed location. They wanted me to drop a bag to someplace. ” the police registered.

His family said he escaped similar abduction attempt a few days ago.  

Haris went missing on February 16, when he was going to university. His family said a rickshaw driver, Fayyaz, informed them that a couple of days ago, he dropped Haris with a girl at Gizri area.

Police said they were investigation the matter from different angles.