It is about time that we stop acting surprised each time we see someone getting irked at the mention of free speech .

People are actually pretty sick of the very mention of the expression by now.

So for those of us who consider themselves to be proponents of this idea should not jump to judgments and should try to understand and appreciate their predicament instead.

They are the ones carrying the heavy burden of defending precarious political positions. They are the ones brave enough to undertake the Herculean task of either protecting theological stances or ridiculously inconsistent liberal laws that are as dangerous as the evil they are supposed to avert.

Therefore, instead of ridicule and admonishment, these brave individuals and groups deserve our applause and appreciation. 

It would not only be unfair, but criminal, if their intentions are deemed as malicious. If someone is so keen to speak ill of somebody, they should focus on their actions instead. But attacking their actions is necessary indeed.

Not only is it important to oppose their actions, but it is a duty. Or their well meaning zeal to establish everlasting harmony might destroy its calm for good. For their phobia of the expression free speech could destroy the very cornerstone of freedom and democracy.

There is no real necessity to tolerate the preachers of tolerating the liberties of intolerant theocratic and undemocratic positions. But what really is needed is to call out their cherry picking of what can and cannot be allowed.

So next time don't be surprised at all if you see someone getting offended at the idea of free speech .

They just deserve your sympathy.

To them, free speech is nothing more than a monster hiding under their bed.

It does not exist. But they sure are afraid of it.