ISLAMABAD: Shuhada Foundation Trust, a non-governmental organisation associated with Lal Masjid , challenged the legality of the ongoing operation launched by law enforcement agencies being conducted against terrorism suspects, today.

Advocate Tariq Asa filed a petition on behalf of the Shuhada Foundation Trust, in the Islamabad High Court (IHC) against the crackdown on terrorists, their facilitators and suspected hideouts.

The constituent of the petition stated that the law does not permit such operations. The petition addressed the secretaries of defence and interior ministries as respondents. The petition requested the court to direct the respondent authorities to provide a list of those killed and apprehended during the operations launched after the recent wave of terrorism and to restrain officials or agencies from arresting citizens in violation of the law.

Jamaatul Ahrar, a faction of the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), claimed the responsibility of several bomb blasts which took place in a span of one week.

In opposition to the arrests and killings of suspected terrorists, the Milli Yekjehti Council protested while terming the developments as   'unlawful' manner with no proper pipeline for the Anti-terrorism offensive.

The petition stressed that the government failed to protect the lives of the citizens due to its ineffective and weak foreign polic while further emphasising the point that the respondent authorities had no legal right to capture or detain Pakistani citizens without due process of law and kill them in violation of their fundamental right to life and liberty guaranteed to them under Article 9 of the Constitution.