ISLAMABAD: Belarusian Province Brest Oblast wants to export its dairy products to Pakistan in 2017 to promote mutual trade between the two countries.

According to a press release issued by Belarus Embassay, here on Tuesday, a meeting was held between Mikhail Serkov, Deputy Chairman of the Brest Oblast Executive Committee and Governor, Balochistan, Muhammad Khan Achakzai, who is on official visit to Belarus.

He said that "We have already made some groundwork for exporting worth $2 million merchandise to Pakistan," adding that it was a task for the prevailing year".

Serkov further said that "We will be able to export dairy products and will secure a market in Pakistan for our other products.

The head of the Pakistani delegation underlined the need to take concrete steps to promote mutual trade between the two countries.

He said that Belarus and Pakistan will reach a new level of mutual cooperation in future.

Serkov said that "I think other ideas for working together will also be discussed." During the meeting, Anatoly Lis and Muhammad Khan Achakzai agreed that the regions should establish contacts in industrial sector, logistics, civil engineering, education and tourism as well as other fields.

The Balochistan Province delegation arrived in Belarus upon the invitation of the Brest Oblast Governor. While in Belarus representatives of Pakistan are expected to visit top companies in Brest Oblast and hold negotiations with the management.

Members of the Pakistani delegation will also meet with officials of Belarusian Industry Ministry.