BAHAWALPUR-The menace of child labour has reached a critical level as hundreds of such cases have surfaced in different areas of Bahawalpur.

However, the government is doing nothing as actions are being taken only in papers, said local people demanding the government high-ups take note of the situation.

In Bahawalpur, minor children are found working on multiple places without their consent.

Abdul Razzaq, a citizen, said that on Circular Road, Fareed Gate, Fawara Chowk, Saraiki Chowk, Welcome Chowk, Shahi Bazaar, Chowk Bazaar and Saraafa Bazaar, minor children are being forced to work on shops, especially on the workshops of mechanics, Naan shops, sweets shops and tea stalls. They are also found begging. Most of the children are condemned to work due to poor financial situation of their houses.

Kashif, a 10 years old child learning the skills of welding, said that his father is a patient of TB (Tuberculosis) and works as labourer. He added that a shop where he is learning to weld pays him Rs50 a week. However, he wants to get education, he said.

Basti Araaeaan-based Iqbal, 8, said that they are 5 brothers and sisters and his father works as labourer; sometimes they get work and sometimes not; financial situation of his family is very poor so he had to work on a tractor workshop to support his family.

Thirteen-year-old Shoaib of Mehndiwala Khoo, Bahawalpur, said that his father AJmal works on a brick kiln, he has three brothers and 3 sisters and he had been in school till 5th grade but after that his father could not afford his education expense and left him for work on a lathe shop. He said he is learning to operate lathe and working 15 hours a day.

When contacted, District Labour Inspector Mehar Azhar Hayaat said that from January 2016 to December 2016, District Labour Office inspected 451 locations to eliminate child labour and FIRs against 30 persons were registered. The violators have been imposed with Rs900,000 fines collectively. throughout the district implementation of laws concerning child labour should be strictly done, he said.