RAHIM YAR KHAN-Rescue 1122 is focusing on minimising the rate of road traffic accidents as it has conducted a research regarding the accidents occurred in the last six months across district Rahim Yar Khan.

DEO Abdul Sattar said that the objective of the research was to find out the causes of increasing motor bike RTAs, make comparison among different types of RTAs, develop a plan to minimise the rate of such incidents. He said new technology was used for the analysis of emergency response and compilation of data of motor bike RTAs. The rescue staff visited different incident locations and investigated with gathering of feedback from victims and eyewitnesses, he added.

"In a total of 3,375 RTAs occurred in 6 months, 4,122 people suffered injuries. The percentage of road traffic accidents is 83% which is alarming. During the period, total bike RTAs were 3,375, RTAs between other vehicles 588 and between bikes and other vehicle 2,787. Total victims were 4,122 while first aid was provided for 1,192. It shifted 2,908 patients to hospitals while 22 were dead," he said.

He identified black spot areas in all 4 tehsils that are City Pull, Palace Road, Chandrami Road in Rahim Yar Khan; Nawa Kot Road, Ghari Ikhtiar Khan, Dhareja Thatak in Khanpur; Jamal Din Wali Road, Hospital Road and Tillu Road in Sadiqabad; and Jindoo Peer, Allahabad Road, Chowk Fareed in Liaquatpur.

The study revealed that most of the victims of the RTAs were adults and experienced individuals. Bike is a machine but people take it casually whereas a machine must be operated by specialists, skilled persons, he said. Apart from the minor cases, the use of mobile phone, over loading, high speed were the main reasons of motor bike accidents in which the victims were severely injured and some of them died. They other causes were the use of wrong way on the road and violation of one way.

He made some recommendations to minimise the rate of motor bike RTAs. He suggested: traffic police should take strict action against the violation of one-way traffic; black spotted Roads/Chowks should have alarming boards for awareness; speed breakers at link roads before entry to main road; the height of cat eyes installed in the mid of roads must be reduced as lateral side; awareness regarding the use of indicators and helmet; display of damaged bikes at different prominent chowks for warning of people.