islamabad-Roots IVY International Schools, Colleges and Universities organised first ever ‘Roots IVY Career and Education Expo’ nationwide from February 6-16, 2017 to provide students with instantaneous, on the spot counseling about diverse higher studies prospects in the leading universities around the world.

Roots IVY has received a number of awards that recognise the continuous commitment and dedication towards maintaining the highest standards of education and global partnerships with International universities. Khadija Mushtaq, CEO Roots IVY International School, College and University has been constantly creating new avenues of opportunities, success, growth and learning for the dynamic and vibrant student body since 1988 by mentoring and empowering the young generation. Roots Ivy has always been in the forefront in all international educational collaborations with the main focus on educating students to be qualified and competent enough to apply in any of top universities of the world. Roots Ivy is the only college in Pakistan to be providing such higher education opportunities including Global Linkages, Summer Camps and Student Exchange Programs and Advance Teacher Training Workshops worldwide.

The ‘Roots IVY Career & Education Expo’ began in Roots IVY Lahore campus as 23 US university representatives that were visiting Pakistan as part of the USEFP EducationUSA’s South Asia Spring Tour along with METU and other Turkish University representatives were welcomed. After the welcome note, a brief introduction of each foreign University along with their representative was given. Khadija Mushtaq briefed the foreign university representatives about the proactive initiatives taken up by Roots Ivy School, College and University to successfully guide students to get admissions in the top universities of USA and to strengthen the relationship between foreign universities and Pakistani students through such educational ventures. Speaking on the occasion, she said: “The Roots IVY Career & Education Expo’ enables US and other international higher educational institutes to visit Pakistan to meet and recruit prospective students by educating students, teachers, and parents to learn from each foreign university representative about admissions, standardized testing, scholarship and financial aid. The summer school programme is designed to challenge students, aiming to push them out of their academic comfort zones and develop their understanding of the subjects they choose to follow. This expo is a fantastic opportunity for students who are seriously considering applying to the USA, UK and Turkey next year or fall 2017.”

Simultaneously, students were also briefed about the prospects of studying in Turkish Universities in other Roots IVY campuses in Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Detailed presentations were given by Mr. Danish Ahmed and Sinan Hussein Ozkarsunu Director of Institutional Relations and Communications followed by interactive Q&A sessions with the students. The students were very much pleased with the sessions and were very much interested in applying in Turkish Universities to pursue their higher education including Sabanci University, Istanbul Bilgi University, Abdullah Gul University, Cyprus International University (Turkish Cyprus), European University of Lefke (Turkish Cyprus), Istanbul Aydin University, Istanbul Kemerburgaz University, Istanbul Sehir University, Izmir Economy University, Middle East Technical University NCC, Okan University, Ozyegin University, TED University, Uskudar University, Dogus University, Nisantasi University, Johnson & Whales University (USA), Concordia University Chicago (USA), College of South Nevada (USA), Marymount California University (USA) and Coventry University (UK).

The representatives of 23 US Universities also visited Roots IVY F8 Campus in Islamabad for on spot counseling session about scholarships and study prospects in US. Roots Ivy’s unique ‘Career & Education Expo’ enabled aspiring students to tour each stall and directly interact with the university representatives to discuss their university application process and the choices of programs being offered. The list of US universities included Valparaiso University, DePauw University, Northern Arizona State University, University of Northern IOWA, Foothill and DeAnza Colleges, Colorado State University, Wichita State University, College of the Desert, Northern Kentucky University, Central Washington University, Old Dominion University, Ohio Wesleyan University, Savannah College of Art and Design, Siena College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott Campus, Furman University, SUNY Plattsburgh, Berkeley College, Luther College, University of Bridgeport, Arkansas Tech University, Buffalo, St. Cloud University, San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley, Minerva Schools and Hiram College. After the interactive networking session, the representing officers were delighted to meet brilliant students of Roots Ivy and were very eager to introduce Ivyians to the undergraduate program heads at their respective universities.

‘Roots IVY Career & Education Expo’ enabled students and the parent community to gain firsthand knowledge of the admission requirements, scholarships, financial aid, university selection and what qualities these foreign universities look for in applicants. Informative brochures of each university offered comprehensive details about the various majors and scholarship opportunities that they offered to international students. The foreign university representatives commended on the extraordinary efforts made by the staff and faculty of Roots Ivy to facilitate the students in their university application process with the highest level of commitment. They were extremely pleased to visit Roots Ivy and thanked Khadija Mushtaq, counselors, faculty members and the entire staff for their hospitality and for providing students with an opportunity to acquire first-hand information about higher education prospects in the US, UK and Turkey.

Soha Salamah, Associate Director International Admissions at Siena College USA shared the statistics on Roots IVY students currently enrolled at her campus and highly praised the Global exposure and world class mentorship that is an integral part of the IVY experience.

Over the past eight years, Roots IVY has been sending the maximum number of bright, young, high-achieving students for the prestigious Oxford Royale Academy (ORA), one of UK’s leading international summer school programmes for students aged 13-18 on scholarship. Due to the high standard of the applications ORA received from this premium institution, ORA has introduced an exclusive scholarship programme dedicated to students at Roots IVY International Schools, so that they can welcome as many students as possible from Roots IVY to study at the esteemed Oxford and Cambridge every summer. This is indeed a great honour and opportunity for students since the international nature of the summer school gives them a chance to meet and establish contact with students from all over the world, coming from all sorts of different backgrounds, all bringing their own unique, learning experiences to the table.