Though it was not his duty, our former CJ initiated a fund to collect money for building the Bhasha Dam. Many people were excited when the new government also came onboard and vowed to build Bhasha dam on priority. However, the day the last CJ retired from the apex court, the dam seems to have disappeared from news all together. The frequent ads have come to a halt, the retired CJ is busy with other things and the government seems to have forgotten about the project too. One has not even heard his name. I fear that our politicians will make this project controversial too just like the Kalabagh Dam and pave the way for worse water shortages and devastating floods in the future. The only real progress in this domain was the building of Mangla and Tarbela dams in Ayub Era, which was a military dictatorship. After that, no successive government, civil or military, has taken any serious steps to build dams to protect the country from a natural disaster.


Islamabad, January 29.