MUZAFFARGARH-Folk festivals reflect the culture and civilisation of a society or nation. Over the past few years, such activities remained suspended in Pakistan due to security reasons. After betterment in overall security situation as a result of operations Zarb-e-Azb and Raddul Fasad, the permission to hold a festival in a backward district like Muzaffargarh has proved the first drop of rain for the revival of cultural activities in the country.

It is to be noted that District Council Chairman Sardar Umer Khan Gopand, Deputy Commissioner Ehtisham Anwar, and District Police Officer Imran Kishwar are the pioneers to revive cultural activities at local level, for it was they who permitted holding of Lucky Irani Circus and allied programs to provide entertainment to locals who showed a great interest in the event.

Lucky Irani Circus Manager Mian Tahir told The Nation that that it was the only registered circus in the country. He said that it is the only circus that has attained international fame and honour, adding that international gymnasts have invited to the event. He further added that his grandfather Mian Farzand Ali had great love for animal protection and promotion through taming the wild animals and showing their feats in the circus established in 1968. The second generation - Mian Amjad Farzand and Mian Rashid Farzand - upheld this legacy. It is the only circus being allowed in a Muslim country Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand, local residents from different far-off areas of the district turned up at the circus in great numbers and expressed their pleasure over the revival of cultural activities in the district.


Chaff is being sold like hotcake in district, causing multiple problems for cattle farmers who are not happy with the district administration and price control committee for its failure control the situation. The cattle farmers are forced to buy chaff at high prices 800 / 49 kg to feed their cattle and the situation made them worried. They demanded the deputy commissioner to notice the situation. It has been reported that most quantity of chaff is utilised at brick-kilns as fuel to baking bricks, which sent price of the commodity as high as never before.