Besides providing world class cancer treatment, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre also houses the best treatment facilities for a number of other diseases and health problems. Unfortunately, this side of the picture remains hidden from the general public.

During my grandmother’s treatment, I came to know that Shaukat Khanum provides similar world class treatment for a number of infectious and non-infectious diseases. I had been married for a year, yet we could not have children as my wife was battling with her thyroid disease and I had nearly lost all hopes of a healthy life for my wife. I found out that Shaukat Khanum Hospital has the best doctors for endocrinology while my grandmother was admitted here for her cancer treatment.

Trust was already built for Shaukat Khanum regarding my grandmother’s ongoing treatment; so I started my wife’s treatment here. It is almost six months now and my wife is cured and we are hoping for new family member to join us. The staff of the hospital is very courteous and helpful. Both my grandmother and wife have been treated here very successfully. I just want to say that hospitals like Shaukat Khanum are a blessing for the people of Pakistan.


Lahore, February 20.