The impacts of new science devices, our world has changed to a normal global village. Climate is being increasingly changed. The melting points of glaciers are ongoing and going to different rivers. In Pakistan such affects are being caused and its impacts on green house are causing more. In Pakistan, powerful floods caused by heavy rainfall and 2,000 people were died. Millions others were displaced and homes were destroyed. On the other hand, In winter Pakistan has is facing a lot of challenges especially in northern area of the country. Some areas are extremely cold and Prime minister is detecting the government to provide basic needs to the people who are homeless.

The climate of Pakistan is increasingly changed and still it is going to be continued. It should not be avoided since it is not such a factor to be left. There is no more focus on this factor to adopt its adverse impacts on different lives. It is high time for the leaders and decision-makers to put climate in debate and hope 2020 will be the year of implemented actions not simple words.