ISLAMABAD PR - National Accountabil­ity Bureau (NAB) on Thursday termed a news item, alleging re­sentment in NAB due to recent amendments in NAB ordinance, as concocted, baseless and contrary to the facts.

Clarifying the news item titled “Number of suspects seeking relief in graft cases jumps to 100,” published in Dawn on February 20, NAB said that the reporter had tried to portray the impres­sion of resentment in NAB without obtaining official point of view of NAB. He asked the media to get NAB’s ver­sion before publishing news related to NAB and avoid specula­tions in the garb of (inventing) concocted news items.

NAB had filed cor­ruption references in the various respect­ed Accountability courts of the country after collecting solid and concrete evidence and its prosecutors, investigators are duty bound to vigorously pursue the corruption references in the re­spected accountabil­ity courts as per law.

NAB strongly be­lieves in performing its duties as per law and its investigation officers/ prosecutors are pursuing the cases with complete prepa­rations on the basis of solid evidence.

All the investigation officers/prosecutors had already been di­rected to pursue the references vigorously so that law will take its course of action.