LAHORE - Provincial Civil Service officers belonging to all four provinces of the country have written a letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan against what they said the acute discrimination against them in matters of postings vis–a-vis the officers of Pakistan Administrative Service. The letter written by Tariq Mahmood Awan, Coordinator, All Pakistan PMS/PCS Officers Association, also invites prime minister’s attention towards flaws in the proposed draft for civil service reforms. The letter says that as many as 3,500 posts are earmarked for PAS/DMG officers across Pakistan against 800 existing officers. In this letter, the provincial service officers have viewed that this vacuum of 2,700 administrative seats was the real cause of non-performance of the civil service. The purpose of grabbing 2,700 additional posts is to ensure that each PAS officer reaches at grade 22 and enjoys position on important provincial and federal posts at very junior level, they think.