Our government has lowered our heads in front of the whole world by first creating confusion about whether Ajmal Kasab is Pakistani or not by giving two contradictory statement, one accepting and the other denying, before admitting that he was, indeed, a Pakistani. Is this farce in Islamabad deserving of being called a 'government'? Just shows that they were aware of the fact all along that he was a Pakistani but hiding it from the world. Why would the world trust us now? Now we will be labeled not just a terrorist state but also a failed state that lies constantly. Never should we trust these rulers who have lost us face in the world. Mr. Zardari has proven he should never be trusted on anything. This man has tarnished our image worldwide. Our government should seriously think on the lines of stepping down as they have failed in the most crucial test of all. -ASMA AHSAN, Islamabad, via e-mail, January 7.