THOUGH it seems that the initial worries are over about India imposing a war, probably nuclear, on Pakistan, using the Mumbai carnage as an excuse, India is still putting pressure on Pakistan over the incident. The latest examples came from Indian Minister of State for Defence P.C. Raju and the UK's Secretary of State for Defence John Hutton, who sounded the same note in statements in different cities on Monday. Raju made his statement before External Affairs Minister P. Chidambaram said much the same thing, that Pakistan's investigation so far was a mere eyewash. Raju also said that Pakistan was not cracking under international pressure, and called on the international community to apply more pressure to Pakistan. He also said that India was busy building that pressure. An example was provided by Mr Hutton, who was visiting Pakistan, when he told the Prime Minister and Defence Minister during his calls on them that the Mumbai attackers must be punished, as Pakistan had already promised. The international community should not be beguiled by India into browbeating Pakistan, as it is busy doing. However, apart from the international community, the real blame should lie on India, which is misusing an unfortunate tragedy of its own creation against Pakistan to make the international community jump on Pakistan, and force it to try some of its citizens without being provided any evidence against them, or its agencies being allowed to conduct an investigation which would allow them to produce evidence that would stand up in a court of law. For some reason, India is not behaving towards Pakistan as a fellow sovereign country, and is not cooperating. Thus Mr Chidambaram only manages to sound an ironic note when he calls, as he did on Monday, for zero tolerance towards terrorism. The Indian attempt to portray the Mumbai carnage as an act of terrorism, and in addition as fomented by Pakistan, is going to collapse because of a lack of evidence. India should stop forcing others to take this line.