Here is a scheme for industrialization of Pakistan: The government of Pakistan should offer to invest in new manufacturing companies with 51% investment coming from the government and 49% investment from a foreign or local investor with management rights of the company. After 5 years, when these manufacturing companies become profitable, the government will have two choices. Either it could sell its 2% share to its partners, that is the investors, thus, transferring the ownership of the concern to the investor while still retaining 49% shares. Or the government could sell 31% shares to the public, while retaining 20% shareholdings in investment trusts of the government. This scheme will be successful because in Pakistan the public has a lot of money to invest but are scared of the government's red tapism in setting up the industry. This way the government and public partnership will help start up medium and large-scale industries in Pakistan. The government can decide on the type of industries needed, the areas suitable for the industry and the size of industry. This scheme will also help the government start getting huge returns on its investments regularly which will help pay for the education and health of the masses. -SHAHRYAR KHAN BASEER, Peshawar, via e-mail, January 9.