Dr Farid Malik's column 'Unjust laws' (The Nation, January 07) is full of half-truths. He says when the crunch came, Ayub Khan transferred power to Yahya Khan going against his own constitution. What is left unsaid is that Yahya Khan had declared at the time "I cannot worry about the niceties of law when the country is burning. If martial law is not imposed immediately, the integrity of the armed forces will be severely undermined, allowing some madcap in the army to intervene". And pray, who other than Bhutto was responsible for the state of affairs in the country that Yahya Khan took advantage of? And who other than Bhutto was the co-conspirator in Yahya Khan's grab for power? Rafi Raza tells us that Bhutto had told him, "Do you think it was the unfair election against Miss Jinnah that finally overcame Ayub? No it was Yahya and I, We even had a code arranged for the movement against Ayub: Ceylon tea party. That was how Ayub was toppled". Mr. Malik says Musharraf too has violated the law and for justice to prevail, all violators of law must be punished. What is left unsaid here is that it is Benazir Bhutto's deal with Musharraf that is protecting him. It is the infamous deal again which is keeping the lawyer's movement at bay. Witness PPP's active participation in the movement prior to Benazir's return and the subsequent somersault the whole party took along with her on her return. At the time Roedad Khan had said, "Benazir joining Musharraf will be the first known case of a rat joining a sinking ship". -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, via e-mail, January 9.