ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), the largest public sector hospital of the capital despite being allocated hefty amount of Rs 600 million for cleanliness purpose is being run into shabby condition. The hospital seriously needed utmost attention of the authorities concerned as the Ministry of Health had also allocated huge amount of Rs 2500 million in the budget allocation 2009-10 for hospital repairing and maintains purpose which does not seem to be utilised as salinity has badly affected some parts of the building and the hospital administration also did some repair work last year but it was not completed and still the problems is there. Every time when some VIP arrives on a surprise visit the hospital is cleaned from every angle but after few days it again comes to the same condition which can cause various types of infections to the patients, said a hospital source while requesting not to be named. Whereas all the four incinerators installed at the hospital are out of order and in the absence of proper waste disposal facilities, PIMS dumps used articles in its stores and such things continue to pile up. The remaining hospital waste is sent to other places for disposal. Taking action against violation of Section 12 of the Pakistan Environment Protection Act 1997, in recent past the Pakistan Envoirmental Protection Agency (PEPA)had also filed case against the PIMS management for not having even a single incinerator for disposing off hospital waste causing harmful effects on the environment and health in general. Mother of a child patient while talking to TheNation complained that washrooms of the children hospital are not cleaned properly for many days. It is the hospital that caters patients needs across the country and even patients form Afghanistan are brought here but still the management never pays proper attention to look into such matters, she continued.