The Supreme Court, according to reports (Jan 19), has issued a clear warning to the intelligence agencies, most specifically, the ISI to either get their act together or to face criminal charges. Hundreds of cases of missing persons have been reported and registered from which some have been located while the whereabouts of most are still unknown. The trend that this rising issue has given birth to is the popular notion of intelligence agencies being behind every such disappearance. This is true, but only partially as many cases reported against the agencies have proved wrong when realities of many disappeared people was exposed as they had either joined the militants or had even tried their luck at being transported illegally out of the country by containers and launches. One such case is that of 15 year old Hassan Sharjeel, the son of Shakeel Turabi who disappeared one morning while going to college. After hurling huge allegations on Pakistani agencies it was found that he had joined the extremists in Afghanistan and was fighting alongside the militants. Apparently, the Pakistani agencies have been dragged unnecessarily in the international horizon more often by both US and India for their alleged involvement in various terror acts which were proved wrong at a later date. The summon orders of ISI chief to US courts and blaming ISI for attacks on Indian soil are all tarnishing our global image. The people, media and our politicians need to grow wise and mature in handling issues of such delicate nature. The agencies are also an integral part of our security infrastructure. Instead of following popular trends, a professional approach needs to be adopted in which interest of the country should always take priority. DR QABIL KHAN, Peshawar, January 19.