Now that the deed is done and over with, let’s accept that Tahirul Qadri has done a great job, but let’s not say that he has won a great battle, and gloat over it for the next decade. Let us say the great Qadri has done a great service to Pakistan. Qudos to Qadri and his entire team of followers! Now if our politicians have even one iota of shame, they should follow the declaration in letter and in spirit. If they do, many should resign immediately and end or at least diminish our woes. Also, if we the public and voters have some sense and pride, we should not vote for the parties that have let the nation and us down in the past, no matter what promises are made; otherwise, we would be digging our own graves, God forbid! The leader has done his job and shown the path to progress. Now it is for us to reap the benefits of this epic struggle.AYAZ AHMAD, Rawalpindi, January18.