When Pakistani soldiers are kidnapped and beheaded in the country’s northern areas who should Pakistan complain to? Who is the beneficiary of having a tense LoC across the volatile Kashmir valley: Pakistani hockey players who were packed back home by the Indian Hockey League, Pakistani music and film artists who are being threatened in India, or the senior citizens of both countries who were promised visa at the border but were sent back? It seems as if India is playing a cat and mouse game with Pakistan and it cannot control the hate factions inside the country. It seems India lacks real leadership at a time of crisis who could guide the people out of it, not those who are affected by public opinion, opposition parties, and narrow-minded military or the rating-hungry media? It’s high time for India to become a big player in the region who can play a positive role. Let India accept Pakistan’s offer to go for an impartial investigation into its allegations by the UN, to let the truth come out.MASOOD KHAN, Saudi Arab, January18.