One can hardly find fault with the Kashmir Conference’s demand to the federal government that the decision to extend the Most Favoured Nation status to India should be reconsidered. For one thing, India’s character, when it comes to dealing with Pakistan was tested recently in the border clashes. Islamabad for the past five years has been trying the option of treating New Delhi with kid gloves, as a means to dissipating the bilateral discord. But it turns out that it is just contrary to what should have been done.No matter how many favours we extend, there would be absolutely no use, unless the source of the friction, the Kashmir issue is resolved to the satisfaction of the people of the Valley. The present setup is ignoring this reality and for which it even went to the length of giving MFN status, but the illusion should be over by now. Under these circumstances, we may end up losing the goodwill of the Kashmiris. A number of them have already started to express worry that they are being abandoned. That is sure to happen since PPP, being the party whose founder talked of ‘a thousand years of war’ over Kashmir could not even do as much as take up the issue during the bilateral talks. Instead of emboldening New Delhi through MFN, the PPP setup has to get over its amnesia and bring the Kashmir conflict back on the negotiating table.