Corruption is prevalent all over the world in varying degrees but in Pakistan it has reached new heights,. Once Ghulam Farooq, former chairman of Wapda remarked that before the partition five to ten percent of the finances of any projects or deal were distributed among the government functionaries and that was the form of corruption in vogue. It remained like that until the first martial law. As ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely,’ the intensity of corruption rose to thirty to fifty percent of the cost of project.Mr Ghulam Farooq lamented the enormous rise in the level of corruption and felt it to be the major cause of the failure of institutions and poor governance .Now it is reported that the corruption level has risen to seventy to ninety percent and only ten to thirty percent is spent on the projects .During the 2005 earthquake, building, bridges and other structures built during the British era stayed intact while those built later crumbled to the ground and caused huge loss of life and finances. During Musharaf’s rule a vital bridge in Karachi collapsed within a few weeks of its inauguration, but no action was taken against the culprits by the authorities who had made tall claims of having ended corruption.In Pakistan corruption has become blatant plunder as was indulged by the crazy Mongol ruler Halako Khan and his likes. This loot and plunder have bankrupted the country and its institutions and the masses, while the rulers and their families have became among the richest in the world. In order to save the country, loot and plunder must be stopped immediately.MAHMUD AHMAD AKHTAR, Rawalpindi, January 16.